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The Novice #SAHM

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There are many misconceptions about stay at home motherhood, a reality that I was reminded of while watching season 4 episode 10 of my favorite T.V. show Blackish.  During the episode Tracy Ellis Ross Character Rainbow seems to be at a cross roads in her life.  She couldn’t figure out why going back to work after maternity leave and “doing it all” seemed so difficult this time around- this time being her 4th time doing so. A sentiment that I, myself know all too well.  Rainbow found herself struggling her way through her first day back.  She was having trouble picking up the new office lingo, her breasts began to leak in front of everyone and simply picking up where she left off seemed out of reach, also a feeling I know all too well… (it’s like our brains go to mush after having babies.) Well at least my brain did.

After a terrible first day back, her husband Dre stated that he would fully support Rainbow if she ever decided to try her hand at becoming a stay at home mother, to which she replied:

“You want me to be a stay at home mom?”

“You just want me to be like a day drinker?”

“A lady of leisure?” then she chuckles, and I chuckle along with her, then she proceeds.

“Just lunching, watchin Ellen”

Long story short or for those who didn’t watch the episode she ends the discussion with what seems like a pretty stern “No!”

The next day Rainbow goes back to work and “kills it!” i.e. does very well but comes home to baby Devonte with a new nickname and headed for bed.  The next thing we know she’s trying to awaken a sleeping Devonte aka booboop via vacuum and runs into her eldest child Zoey moving her last box out of the house for college.  I believe this is when she began to ask herself the same question I asked myself before deciding to become a stay at home mom.

“Yes, I can do it all and do it well, but do I want to?”

Lucky for me my husband was just as supportive as her husband Dre and now I find myself navigating through new waters, #SAHM waters!

After having Sage aka “Baby Spice” I found myself ready to go back to work but also wanting to stay home and focus on the kids more. Some time passed & work was still going pretty good but my spirit began to whisper…

“slow down”

“take your time”

“take some time off”

Then after the 4th ticket in 1 week and forgetting to pick up the littles from daycare, spirit began to yell

“DON’T YOU GET IT YET WOMAN, I want you to take some time off and STAY YOUR ASS HOME!”

& so now I’m home but certainly not lunchin, watching Ellen or day drinking….

Ok Ok maybe a sip of wine here and there but after noon only
…Don’t judge me!

At the end of the day Rainbow decides to take time off to see what stay at home mom life is all about and boy is she in for a rude awakening because #SAHMLIFE is anything but day drinking and simply becoming a lady of leisure.

I’ve come to find it’s the exact opposite! Like, when do we get to just sit?
Slowly but surely I’m also finding out what #SAHM life really is and I’m loving every moment…
Ok ok I’m trying to get used to and love every moment.


It’s only 11am so no wine for now but lets cheers to 2018 anyway mommas! May your children be napping by noon!

Remember to
Aspire to Inspire
Be Light
& Tribe on!

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