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My Motherhood

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According to Webster, Motherhood is simply the state of being a mother which implies that there’s not much more to it than that, but like many other moms out there I know that my motherhood, is so much more than simply being “just a mom”.

I often times hear people say that Motherhood is a thankless job but I disagree. Motherhood can be thankless but it is most certainly not a job. Motherhood is what you make it and I choose to make it as memorable, empowering, and inspirational as possible.

I’m a mother of 4 very different children who play very different roles in our household and as many of you know I like to call them my tribe.

My tribe includes Iyanna who is the oldest and has the most empathetic/loving spirit. she’s my indigo child and is a great mommy #2 when she needs to be.

Jaiden can be a bit less empathetic but is the best big sister to the littles of our tribe and has the most precocious brain I’ve ever seen in a 10 year old child-I mean the girl just gets it!

Mathias is my one and only son. He has the tendency to be stubborn like his father but is the most loving son I could have ever asked for and is always looking for ways to help me around the house while also keeping a watchful eye out for his little sister, as you can see in the featured image.

And then there’s #BabySage. My Sage My Sage, what can’t I say about my Sage. Sage has so much personality at only 1 years old. she’s the feistiest one of the tribe but will randomly plant the biggest kiss on you out of the clear blue sky which is something she just recently started doing by the way but hey, better late than never! She’s my foodie moody child who also loves to dance.

My tribe makes me so proud and I love being their mommy; and even though my motherhood is not always easy my motherhood is always worth it and is way more than just a job…

My Motherhood is Unpredictable
My Motherhood is Amazing
My Motherhood is Overwhelming
My Motherhood is Ever-changing
My Motherhood is Happiness
My Motherhood is Hope
My Motherhood is Tough
My Motherhood is Dope
My Motherhood is Love
My Motherhood is Pain
My Motherhood is Beautiful
My Motherhood is Everything

To me motherhood is life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for stopping by and as always
Remember to
Aspire to Inspire
Be light
& Tribe On!


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