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Choppin it up

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When it’s time to have “The Talk” with your child there are many important factors that come into play.  When it was time for me to give my eldest daughter the talk I took into consideration a few things like where I was going to do it, what topics I was going to talk about, and who I believed should contribute to the conversation, it takes a village right?

And while the where, what, and who are very important factors in the art of “the talk”, for me the most important factor was when!

I gave my eldest the talk on her 10th birthday.  A lot of people thought that 10 was too young but a mother knows her child and I knew she was ready.

I knew she was ready for the talk at age 10 because of her maturity level, it was always higher than that of other 10 year olds and she was also starting to ask questions which sped things up alot more.

The main reason we had the talk with her so “early” was because I wanted to ensure that she was getting the correct information and not some lie she overheard another 10 year old tell.  She was entering middle school that following year and, well you remember middle school don’t you? The grown 11 going on 22 year olds, the inappropriate comments, the unwanted touching, and etc.  Ahh, the memories!


When I gave my eldest the talk we talked about everything, the birds, the bees, the sperm and the ovaries.  I answered every question she asked me very honestly, …and boy did she have a lot of questions!

I made suggestions, we talked about  HIV/AIDS and other STD/STI’s and much more.

It was a process, 3 hours to be exact but we got through it and she came out more knowledgeable than before and loving her self even more.

Now that it’s time for “The Talk” part II I find myself hesitant. Well maybe hesitant isn’t the right word.  I’m more apprehensive than hesitant because I’m not 100% sure that shes ready for it all at 1 time like her sister was which is fine because they’re two totally different children.

So I’m “chopping it up!” so to speak, hints the chopsticks in the featured image and giving it to her in bits and pieces, .

The first thing we addressed was her self image and how she felt accepting compliments, etc.  The second talking point will be to address the things that she may have already heard at school on the subject of sex, etc. and that will be the leeway into our actual “Talk”.

Sounds like a great plan right!?


Wish me Luck!


If you have any suggestions or comments about the topic or you just want to share your own “The Talk” story please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for vibing out with me and as always

Remember to

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