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Black Love

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I finally got a chance to take a look at the much anticipated and praise worthy documentary Black Love and my thoughts on the documentary are simple, I loved it! I appreciated the couples for their openness and promotion of their own love stories. I also have to give props to the creators of the documentary for thinking a bit further outside the box. The documentary featured couples that were not only black but Interracial as well.


As many of you know I am married to a non black man but I don’t consider our relationship to be an IR relationship simply because Latino isn’t a race. When my husband fills out government issued documents or any other form of correspondence that insists on asking his background information he doesn’t put an actual race, he selects other and then marks Latino.



So we are a multicultural couple/multicultural blended family. The creators of the “Black Love” documentary included multicultural and IR couples because to them it was important to show black men and black women in healthy loving relationships, even if the other party or that persons “better half” was non black.

One of the couples featured on the documentary was fellow blogger and mother of 2 Ashley Hinton, creator of the Watermeloneggrolls Blog/social media influencer and her husband. Ashley made a few very good points during their part of the interview, many of which I can both relate to and agreed with. Her words most certainly resonated with my spirit and her love situation depicts much of my own love situation.


I wrote a blog post titled “Pro Love” a while back about trying to navigate through a new space. A space that many people are still not very fond of yet a space that I find myself fully and completely IN and in love! The IR or multicultural relationship space isn’t easy but its important for people in those situations to remain true to who they are. My truth, like Ashleys and many other women and men in mixed race/cultural marriages is that I am first a black woman and therefore I will promote black love, black business, black men, black women, just all blackity black black black black yall!

Thankfully I am blessed to be married to a man who fully understands and embraces this. He is well aware of the fact that we have 4 black children and he is always open to discussions pertaining to race in America and all over the world. He also knows that I will never stop being an advocate for black/brown/POC in general and that I will advocate for and protect our relationship and our love at all costs. So if you don’t like it… #sorrynotsorry.


S/N I miss my hubby! Only 3 weeks, I can do this!

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